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One Giant Leap

In his 2007 TED presentation, Bill Stone made a remarkable proclamation. The moon's south pole can be mined for rocket fuel and used to create a network of refueling stations in low Earth orbit. If he is right, the entire nature of space exploration would be changed forever. There is one, little problem: money. It will cost over a billion dollars to take fuel for the return home. As one of a dying breed of great explorers, Dr. Stone's solution is simple — a one-way trip. He and his mining crew must succeed or no one is going home!

One Giant Leap One Giant Leap

It doesn't make headlines like it did in the 60's, but there is a new space race quietly brewing — not a race to the moon, but a race for the moon. Science has confirmed there are real, viable resources worth untold billions circling above us. Space travel is prohibitively expensive, but by mining rocket fuel on the moon, the price of space exploration and even space tourism become affordable. China, India, the United States and private enterprise are all vying discretely to open the final frontier. Fifty years ago a man took one small step. This is the story of mankind's one giant leap.

The goal is to produce something incredibly close to reality. The science is real. The situations are real. The dangers and hazards are real. Seemingly innocent things like moon dust and sunshine are potential fatal and there is no margin for error when the nearest help is 238,900 miles away. One Giant Leap is not a whimsical depiction of what could happen, but a "best effort" scientific prediction of what is bound to happen in the biggest leap forward in the history of human exploration.

The video link below is password-protected.

Bill Stone

Bold industrial explorers make a one-way trip to the moon to open up the space frontier or die trying.

This project is in the fundraising stage of pre-production.

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