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From time to time we cross paths with other creatives who have a television show in the works and want the world to see it, but don’t have the contacts to pitch it to networks. Titan Arts has been building and maintaining a digital rolodex full of pitch-able contacts in the television industry since 2011. If you have a show concept we can get behind and it is a good fit with our other properties, we can pitch your project directly to networks.

We also offer consulting services - refining concepts, details, budgets and preparing the necessary materials (taster reel, logline, one-sheet, treatment, etc.) to help make your show as sellable as possible. But don't just take our word for it:

"I think this is a really well done tape" - Discover Channel

"Just watched the tape — great job! Would love to chat." - Warner Brothers

"It's very well-produced and the host/VO is fantastic! I don't just throw those around, just so you know. It's really a smart and fun idea, for sure." - Sundance Channel

"It's a great tape" - USA Network

Visit our television page to see the shows we are currently working on, as well as those we are selling for outside companies.

NOTE:   We do not make seed-level investment in outside projects. Your show will need at least a minimum budget and/or a completed taster reel in order to be considered.
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