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The What You Ought To Know Show

What You Ought To Know was created to prove that entertaining education is not a contradiction in terms. The show is a completely random assortment of useful and entertaining insights into food, medicine, business, history, science, government, ... everything really.

The What You Ought To Know Show

The series has over 280 episodes currently available and has garnered over 9 millions of views online. Here are some reviews from it's incredibly loyal fan base:

"This is a great show! It's real solid entertainment in bite-size delicious chunks."

"This show is the last hope of humanity."

"Fantastic show! It goes to show that knowledge and entertainment can be blended brilliantly."

"They can capture an audience of different ages simply with a white background and a guy with a camera frame only from the waste up."

"How many times have I quoted WYOTK in everyday conversations? Too many to count. They're more than a passing fad... they create instant classics."

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