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Documentary Films

Black Coral

Most documentaries today are not documentaries at all, but carefully crafted socio-political propaganda that only tell one side of the story. Titan Arts is committed to restoring this lost art to its roots - documenting without taking sides and letting audiences make up their own minds. To that end, our documentary Black Coral has no narrator and lets the people tell their own stories in their own words, even when they appear to contradict each other.

Television Shows

The Heretics

Titan Arts produces new television show concepts independently and works with other capable production companies to create an ever-growing catalog of engaging and entertaining television shows we actively pitch to networks. Take a look at our projects and partners.

Mini Series

One Giant Leap

Recent years has shown renewed commercial viability for the mini-series. A mini-series is long enough to delve deep into characters, explore complex topics and tell a fully-developed story, but short enough to keep momentum, stay relevant and remain affordable. Our love of the mini-series has led us to begin development of our own - One Giant Leap.

Web Series

The What You Ought To Know Show

We make them. Who doesn't? They are inexpensive, fun and a cutting-edge part of new media where smaller players can still have a big influence. They can also be wildly challenging to make profitable, which is one of the main reason why we don't make a lot more of them.

Media Production

Media Production

We don't market or advertise or even network very much anymore. There are far to many interesting things going on internally to bother, but that doesn't mean we have become completely recluses. The good news is we can still be bought. If you are interested in having your vision made into quality media, Titan Arts can help.

Pitching Content


Have a show or a show idea you want to get on TV? Titan Arts operates as sales agency for select television shows and concepts. We can, if we really like it, pitch your project to all kinds of networks and if they really like it, they can put your show up all over the nation and even the world.

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